Six months (180 days) of compulsory rotatory internship in various areas of specialty is part of the B.P.T curriculum. Choithram hospital has facilities for internship in all areas . Moreover, Choithram college of Paramedical Sciences has a strong community-based rehabilitation program. We accept students from other colleges including other countries for whole/part of the internship program.

Internship rules

All internees are supposed to do 180 days of compulsory rotational duties as laid down by the University. Timing of internship will be 9 am to 5 pm or 10 am to 6 pm
Internee will not be entitled for any leave during this period; if any leave taken should be prior informed and patients must be handed over and one day will be extended in the duration. Otherwise a compensation of 2 extra duty days would be made. Leave information may be posted in group in case of emergency
Internees are supposed to wear apron during the duty hours and should carry all necessary equipment required like Knee hammer, Goniometer, Stethoscope and inch tape for patient assessment. They should be wearing their intern badges.
Internees should maintain a daily log book and should get it verified daily (next day) by the Coordinator In-charge and weekly by the Internship in charge (Principal)
Internees should present minimum of 2 case presentations and 1 seminar on any Physiotherapy topic. The presentations would be on power point. It will be scheduled on every Friday afternoon.
Submission of project work is mandatory for successful completion of internship. Synopsis of the project should be submitted to the project in charge by the end of 2nd month and the final project must be submitted by the 5th month of internship.
Lunch hours will be allocated in batches. Strictly 1 hour of lunch is to be observed, the entry of which will be documented in the lunch register.
Daily patients’ entry should be done in log register.
Regular late coming will be calculated and extension will be imposed

General Instructions

Time of Internship – 9 am to 5 pm or 10 am to 6 pm
Lunch Time – 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm / 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm
Keep nails cut and hair tied. Apron clean and tidy
Follow NABH rules for department hygiene, self and patient safety.
Know the codes of emergency and use when needed
Know the code of waste disposal and follow it strictly
In department, be polite to your seniors, patients and attendant.
Attend your patient properly during treatment. Maintain one to one therapist patient ratio.
Don’t leave your patient unattended alone. Patient safety is of prime importance
Daily one hour library can be availed by the internee depending upon the patient load in department.
Use of mobile phone is not allowed in the department and if found Rs 100/- fine or 1 day extension will be imposed
Maintain clinical discipline:
Don’t sit on patients treatment couch.
Keep the machines and other articles at the proper place after use.
Do not go out of the department without informing OPD in charge.
Loitering during working hours will be treated as negligence and may be punished accordingly.

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