Choithram College of Paramedical Sciences also known as Choithram Institute of Health Sciences

Choithram College of Paramedical Sciences



Welcome to Choithram.

I welcome you to the portals of our Choithram college of paramedical sciences and hope the time you spend here is fruitful. It has been my privilege to serve this wonderful organization since its inception in 2006— as a Director.

“Students come first” is a phrase repeated often on our campus. Our students are so important that we take pride and great care in the educational experience we provide. To help our students achieve great academic success, we provide what we believe to be the best services and facilities available anywhere in India. Our faculty are experts in their fields who care about students as unique individuals. We offer the students the opportunity to study at its beautiful campus, located in Manikbagh.

Choithram graduates are leaders in their chosen career fields and with incredibly rich and rewarding lives. The Choithram community is committed to providing every possible opportunity to ensure that your time here is intellectually stimulating and personally satisfying

So I here look up to you, to come, join, be the part and shine your future in the field in an organization which is meant for welfare of mankind.



Dr. Vinod Naneria

Director, Choithram College of Paramedical Sciences